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    Tan Sri Dato Seri Mohd Radzi bin Sheik Ahmad is the Independent Non-Executive Chairman and was appointed to the Board of Silver Ridge Holdings Bhd on 05 May 2021.

    Tan Sri Dato Seri graduated from the Royal Military College, Port Dickson in 1957 as a Barrister-at-Law, followed by Inns of Court In Middle Temple, London in 1961.

    Tan Sri Dato Seri worked in the Jurisdiction Department as Deputy Public Prosecutor in Selangor then as President of Session Court, Klang. During this time, he his own legal firm while also maintaining a position as a footballer of Perlis State. Tan Sri Dato Seri went on to represent the nation in `1960 AFC Youth Championship.

    Tan Sri Dato Seri became involved in politics in 1972 after joining UMNO at the Kampung Jawa Branch, Shah Alam, Selangor. His father, Tan Sri Sheikh Ahmad bin Mohd Hashim, became the first Menteri Besar of Perlis after independence (1959-1972). He contested the 1982 Malaysian General Election for Kangar Parliament and was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture. Later, Tan Sri Dato Seri was appointed Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development. In 1983, he was appointed Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department before changing his portfolio to Deputy Minister in the Ministry in 1984. Two years later, he was appointed Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Primary Industries. He was twice elected as the Kangar Division UMNO Chief (1986-1988 and 2001-2004) and resigned to make way for the successor leaders in the 2004 UMNO elections. Presently Member of the Senate of Malaysia, a position he has held since 16 June 2020. Tan Sri Dato Seri is also the Chairman of the Appeal Board of United Indigeneous Party of Malaysia since 2018.

    Tan Sri Dato Seri is also active in charities and sports. He currently holds the post of President in Association of Orphans Mak Teh Perlis and Perlis Malay Tennis Association.


    Y. B. Senator Dato' Mohd Suhaimi Bin Abdullah was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Silver Ridge Holdings Bhd on 30th March 2006. Since 12 November 2009, he retained only the position of Managing Director of the company. He serves as a member of the Renumeration Committee of the company. He graduated from Havering Technical College, London in 1981 with a Diploma in Business Studies. Subsequently he obtained a professional qualification in the Chartered Institute of Transport from School of Transport, University of London in 1985 and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Transport since 1989. From 1982 to 1984, while he was completing his studies, he was engaged as a secretary with the Majlis Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia in London. There, he managed the administrative and commutative matters between Ministries of Malaysia and the Malaysian Students Societies in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    From 1984 to 1985 he was employed as a Marketing Executive in Mafeta Travel Agency Limited, London where he managed the sales and marketing of air tickets for Malaysia and Far East countries. From 1985 to 1987, the Foundation of Mara Education engaged him as an Assistant Secretary, where he handled the administrative matters of the foundation. Also in 1986, he joined Angkatan Seniman Abad XX Sdb Bhd as an Executive Director. He was in charge of all administrative and financial matters for the company, which produced feature films and sit-coms for the local media. In 1987 he joined YPM Realties Sdb Bhd as a General Manager and subsequently, in 1991, he joined Yayasan Bumiputera Pulau Pinang Berhad as a General Manager. He was in charge of the overall management and day-to-day operations of the companies. He established Silver Ridge Sdn Bhd in 1995. Currently he is an Independent Non-Executive Director of Suiwah Corporation Berhad and the Deputy President of the Persatuan Mencegah Dadah Malaysia (PEMADAM). Y. B. Senator Dato' Mohd Suhaimi was appointed to the Dewan Negara of Malaysia for a second three year term between May 2017 and May 2020.


    Satila Binti Dato' Mohd Suhaimi was appointed as the Non-Independent Executive Director of the Company on 23 February 2009 and was the Chief Executive Officer from November 2009 to August 2013. During her tenure with the company, Satila has overseen internal exercises to improve business operations and taken point with a number of external projects aimed at diversifying the Silver Ridge portfolio. Since 18 June 2020, she was re-designated again as Chief Executive Officer. She graduated from the University of Reading, Berkshire, Reading, England in 2007 with BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering and Cybernetics. Before joining the Company, Satila worked as a research assistant in the Centre of Applied Biomechanics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya.

    In 2006, Satila worked as a Marketing Assistant under internship in the Company. She was also a volunteer as a Pediatric Caretaker in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) in 2003. To further enhance her knowledge of business, Satila is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration on a part time basis from the Open University of Malaysia.


    Syakur Bin Dato' Mohd Suhaimi was appointed as the Non-Independent Executive Director of the Company on 2 March 2011 and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in September 2013. He was re-designated as Deputy Managing Director on 18 June 2020. He graduated from Xiamen University, Peoples’ Republic of China, majoring in Chinese Language and obtained Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Business in Chinese.

    Recently he obtained his Diploma in Technical Analysis from the United Kingdom Society of Technical Analysts and awarded Certified Financial Technician from International Federation of Technical Analysts. Thus he is a full member of Malaysia Society of Technical Analyst and United Kingdom Society of Technical Analysts. He served in the Royal Military College in 2001 and now a member of the Old Putera Association.


    Wong Chee Keong was appointed as the Executive Director of the Company on 30 March 2006. He graduated from University of Liverpool, UK in 1975 with a Bachelor of Engineering, First Class Honours (Electronics Engineering). In 1974, he served as a Research Trainee with Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB), London Research in the United Kingdom. On graduation in 1975, he joined Jabatan Telekom Malaysia, and held the post of Controller of Telekoms before the department was privatized to become Telekom Malaysia Berhad. His last post in Telekom Malaysia Bhd was Assistant General Manager. He had also represented Telekom Malaysia in presenting papers on subjects related to customer access network as well as fiber optics network design and applications, in the international arena (US, Korea) as well as locally in Malaysia. He is also a registered member of the Board of Engineers.

    He joined the Company as a General Manager in 1995. As the chief operating person in the Company, he developed the technical resources and expertise through close collaborations with reputable, high-technology multi-national organizations. In the Company, he designed, developed and innovated new business direction as well as focus, and initiated new business models for the Company. He has over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the telecommunication network industry.


    Syauqat Bin Dato' Mohd Suhaimi was appointed was the Non-Independent Executive Director of Silver Ridge Holdings Bhd on 2nd September 2014, then Alternative Director to CEO on 28th August 2018. He graduated from the Arabic Language Centre of Qalam Wa Lawh, Morocco. Syauqat is also a Director of Silver Ridge Agricultural Informatics Sdn Bhd, a company which entered in a share sale agreement with SRHB subsequent to the end of the 2018.


    Alan Voon was appointed as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 20 September 2013 and was redesignated as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 3 October 2019. Mr. Voon graduated from Degroote School of Business, McMaster University, Canada in 1993 with a Master of Business Administration, majoring in Finance and an Honours Degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting from the same university.

    Mr. Voon is the founder and Managing Director of GV Asia Fund Limited, a private fund registered with the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Through GV Asia Fund Limited and other holdings companies, Voon is also a substantial shareholder in Bursa Malaysia listed Federal International Holdings Berhad and M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad, as well as Ritamix Global Limited which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Voon was the investment committee co-chairman of Huatai Von Malaysia Fund Segregated Portfolio, a Cayman Islands fund established by Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited.


    Mohd Zahari Osman was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 3 October 2019. He serves as a member of Audit and Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee of the Company. He graduated from MARA Institute of Technology Shah Alam in 1980, with a Diploma in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering. He also graduated from the Canadian Industrial Innovation Centre Waterloo, Canada in 1985 with a Diploma in Entrepreneurial Management. He is currently an Associate Member at the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, a membership he has held since 2012.

    He started his career in 1980 as a junior engineer with Advanced Micro Devices (Penang) Inc. a multi-national semiconductor corporation in Silicon Valley USA. He then worked with the regional marketing and research team of a multi-national company, Encore Computer Inc. USA based in Hong Kong and Malaysia. He gained experience in management consulting during his time at Innovation Associates, which is a strategic partner of Cap Gemini and Ernst and Young.

    His expertise is in engineering, strategic management and consulting. For the last few decades, he has been a private advisor to a high-profile businessman in Malaysia. Prior to that, he was a corporate advisor for a local conglomerate in Kuala Lumpur, advising on high-profile projects such as government-initiated projects and infrastructure projects.


    Dato’ David Khoo was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 16 October 2020 and was redesignated a Non-Independent Director on 3rd December 2020. He graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2010, with a Bachelor of Accounting.

    He began his professional career in year 2010 as an audit associate in KPMG. He was later promoted to audit assistant manager in year 2014. During his tenure with KPMG, he was involved in both internal and external audit for a broad range of industries including manufacturing, retail and wholesale, construction, property development, investment, engineering, used car, tourism and etc. In year 2014, he set up his own firm, KYC & Associates, which provides professional services such as accounting, corporate secretarial, incorporation, liquidation, assurance, management consultancy, and financial planning. He later set up Total Coaching Sdn. Bhd. in 2015 and Total GS Taxation Sdn. Bhd. in 2016. Total Coaching Sdn. Bhd. provides full corporate advisory services including estate planning, wealth planning, midshore management, sales and services tax, risk planning and etc. Total GS Taxation Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed tax agent company. Dato’ David Khoo is also the founder and Managing Director for Total Group Berhad which is an investment holding for the TOTAL group of companies.

    Dato’ David Khoo is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Governance Professional. He holds Practising Certificate and is a Fellow Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and a Member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM). He is also a licensed Tax Agent approved by Ministry of Finance Malaysia.


    Muhammad Hiqmar Danial bin Hidzir was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 9th February 2021. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from International Islamic University Malaysia in 2018. He furthered his qualification by becoming an advocate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaysia in 2019.

    Danial has worked for several emanent law firms in Kuala Lumpur, including his current position as a litigation lawyer for Chooi & Company, + Chang and Arif where he specialises in corporate and employee dispute resolution.